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Fun Discussions

Fun Discussions


Most of my employees and I talk about relationships. It’s really strange because I don’t think any of us are actually dating someone right now but we seem to talk about it constantly. I think it’s because it’s something that I find remarkable as a result of all my early situations. So now it’s something I like to talk about and I use a lot of the stuff I figured out to try and give people advice. Whether or not they like it is another idea. It’s possible that I really am just trying to make up for the face that I wasn’t very smitten in my last relationship but I guess that kind of thing happens occasionally. Really though it was probably related to the fact that we didn’t have much in common and just kind of wanted to see if ti would work. It didn’t. However I know better now.

My beliefs are that you should find someone that likes you and you you have fun with even if you’re just doing something general. I mean, you don’t have to do things.

Curiously, though, I feel like I’m pretty good when it comes to planning things. It’s not that you need to be with someone who is exactly like you although people think do,. But I guess it’s just that I’ve watched my friends be with people that they didn’t really like and you kind of start to understand what is happening. And then when you witness it again you’re just like that isn’t something that I want to be a part of. This relationship rules for women article has a lot to do with this. I think it’s weird though how many people don’t really put a lot of effort into picking the right person and instead just like go with whoever seems to want them. It’s terrible. But that’s just the way it works a lot of the time. I don’t really think that most people understand the way to select a partner. It’s something that you can get more information about, but until you actually find yourself in that situation it’s really the kind of thing that you’re just like no. For the most part, though, I think that most people get really mixed up when it comes to getting into a dating arrangement with someone. And basically it has to do with having confusion about what they actually prefer.


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Watching Paint Dry

Watching Paint Dry

Today was one of those days at work where it seemed like it was never going to end. I think everyone has those kinds of days every once in a while. It reminded me of my 6th grade English class with Mr. Miller. That man was an ok teacher but he was so boring I would have rather watched paint dry than sit through his class. I remember he used to remove the clock from the wall because he caught too many people staring at it wondering when it was going to be over. I can’t say it was that bad today but it was just one pointless meeting after another it seemed. The only one that was interesting to me was the last one as we discussed some of the business opportunities China has to offer. The man in charge of our company wants to start broadening our horizons so to speak and China is his goal. Today was just the preliminary meeting about it as we are going to go in head first next week.

Speaking of next week I am going to be starting a sort of new position at work. I am going to still be in the same department but will be pretty much running the ship. They call it being a team leader which I don’t really like but I’ll take the promotion and raise that goes along with it. I also get my own little office which frees me from cubicle land! I think I am more excited about that than anything else. The other perk of this is that my hours are going to change. They basically will change to however I see fit which is nice. Before I had to punch in and out and was hourly. I’m on a salary now which makes me feel sort of important. I have never held a job before that paid me anything but hourly so this is pretty neat. I do know that I will lose out on any overtime but it wasn’t like I was burning the midnight oil putting in a lot of overtime anyways. I think a few weeks ago I stayed late one day for 3 hours and that is the last time I remember putting in more than the standard 40.

That is about it for now. Make sure you check back and I will let you know how the new position is holding up.

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All moved in!

All moved in!

I have been online all morning ordering a bunch of things I need for around my new apartment. Yes I have recently moved and am still settling in here at my new place. One thing I ordered were wire racks to put in my new office. I say new because my old apartment only had one bedroom while this one has two. I don’t need a second one for sleeping purposes so I converted it into my own personal office. I have to say it is my favorite room so far and I spend a lot of time in here.

There has been talk at work about me being able to work from home soon so that would be great. For one thing just the amount of money I would save on gas and the wear and tear on my car would be awesome. I commute 30 miles one way so that’s 60 miles a day and you can do the math for a 5 day work week. My boss said it might start out that I only am home on Mondays and Fridays which would be fine by me. He told me that maybe by the end of the year I could go full-time from home but he wants to see how it goes first. The Monday and Friday thing will start if his boss approves it. I am in good standings with that guy so it shouldn’t be an issue.

I also ordered some new pots and pans for my kitchen. I actually have a kitchen big enough to cook in comfortably now so I want to start using it more. I pretty much ate out all the time back at my old place and have the extra pounds to prove it. I have a gym now that I can use too which is nice. It is only an extra $10 a month and while it is small it has the essentials. I saw a couple machines including a treadmill and a lot of dumbbells. There’s also a bench press machine although I doubt I will use that. I would rather use the free weights as it works your muscles better. That is at least what my trainer friend John told me.

All in all I’m really happy with my new place. It is a little more money a month but I think if I start working from home I’ll break even on that deal with not having to pay for as much gas a month.

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Looking for a new place

Looking for a new place

I am in the market for a new apartment because I have slowly but surely outgrown my current place. I am currently residing in a 1 bedroom apartment and have lived here going on 3 years now. I have a small storage unit here but it is stuffed to the gills with stuff and I need more room. I will be looking for a 2 bedroom and something that is on the ground floor. I live on the 4th floor now and that is the kind of floor that is in-between taking the elevator or stairs. I definitely take the elevator when I have groceries or stuff but even then it is a pain especially when I have to wait for it. I want to live in a place that I can walk right into without having to worry about taking the stairs. I mean most days I don’t mind but there are some days especially after a long day at work that I don’t feel like walking up 34 (yes I have counted!) stairs.

The good thing is my options shouldn’t be that limited when it comes to finding something new. I want to double check my credit score but I know it is good. I also have a decent job and have been there for a few years now. I love my job and one day I know I will be able to afford to buy a house but I would rather wait to do that with my future husband. I just have to meet him first. I thought this guy Chris might be the one but we broke up late last year. I could write a whole book on how that ended so I don’t want to get into it now.

Another thing I’m looking for in my new place is a gym. I know some places have one and I tend to find one. My friend Renee has one at her apartment complex and I go over there after hours with her sometimes and it is great. I can’t imagine having a gym that close to your own home but I think it is going to be nice.

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Outgrowing Iowa

Outgrowing Iowa

I’m what I would call a alt-hippy. I’m pretty chill and laid back, but I’m not all peace and love. I have a general disdain for the masses. I watch the news, but shake my head. I have never touched cigarettes. No piercings, tats, or broken bones. I used to dye my hair red and pink.

I went to college at Iowa State University, a short two hours from my small town home. My parents split up early in life, and I bore the brunt of most of my brothers supervision. I held a job from the day I turned 14 until the day I left for college. I was with the same girl through all of high school. I also was the editor of my school newspaper, was involved in improv comedy troupes, and played my soul out in jazz band. I’ve always had a passion for music. I go to shows weekly. My current mp3 collection is 60 gigs.

I’m now leaving Iowa State. I don’t fit here. It’s too dreary, too Iowa. I was a journalism major, but I want out of the machine. I’ll become what I hate if I become a journalist. I’ve been to lots of shows lately, bands like moe and yonder mountain. I fit in at these places. Smart people who do smart things, like not care what the world thinks. And make music.

I’m done with the Midwest and all it has to offer. This summer, after this semester is over, I’m going to enter a mentorship in the recording industry. I’ve always been the guy that adjusted people’s stereos and fixed peoples computers. I may not be a rockstar, but I want to help them make the best music that they can. The catch is that I can do it anywhere I want in the US. Maybe even Canada.

So, I come to you OT. I have no huge life experiences. I have only a small handful of real friends, friends worth the trip home. My close family is shattered, and doesn’t warrent me sticking around. So where should I go? I’m young, I’m abitious, and I want to see everything I can. I won’t have any bills.  I’m baggage free. I want to start living, like a real person. All I need is a job that covers the cost of a place to live in any city. What should I do to start my life?


My friend ruled out Florida.  He said:


I’ve traveled A LOT, both inside and outside the united states. when i moved to Florida, i was floored by how downright rude, inconsiderate, and selfish people are here. there is no sense of community IMO. oh sure, the news likes to brag about how people act nice when there’s a hurricane or 4, and that’s great and all, but then there’s the flip side that many don’t acknowledge… 99.9% of the people didn’t even know their neighbors until the hurricane(s) people are different, but i think that’s important.

I will tell you this… don’t move because you’re looking to get rid of problems. your baggage WILL follow you. i suggest you check places out before you decide on moving. take a week long trip and scour the area, employment, and cost of living to see if you can see yourself there.

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A Message to My Younger Cousin, Trying to Come Up With a Life Plan

A Message to My Younger Cousin, Trying to Come Up With a Life Plan

Get your diploma, don’t choose the easy way out, because the seeds that you plant now will be the harvest of your future. If you stop investing and take loans that you can’t pay back, because you need a GOOD job to earn a bunch of money. Then basically no, your parents are right the GED is worthless. You always have to assure yourself that you have a firm grip on life , like a pit bull biting a leg. No one likes loose ties, and no boss likes to hire a loser and for your information you will always have to perceive your wanted level into society by putting yourself in your bosses shoes. If you where the commissioner, would you hire a cop with all the recommendations, honours and diploma’s ,or a vagabond with nothing behind his sleeve to show he can meet up with the demands of the job? You would take the one who is most qualified, and that’s why you need the diploma to show society that you are ‘qualified’ and fit for the job.

The car can easily wait. Try saving money in your life, and apply the following rule.

no expenses + getting a lot of income = becoming richer.

This is truth , no matter who tells you something different don’t listen, because in the ‘outside world’ people are only out to make a profit out of you for their own good. Everyone tries to fill their own pocket, and it is my expertise that if someone wants something of you, it’s only going to cost you money. Remember that.


-Get Diploma
-Get Income
-Get Future

Avoid mistakes, stop taking HIGH risks as you are doing now. Make necessary decisions and try to avoid conflict with your parents wherever possible as you can.

Go to the library, get yourself a quiet place to learn and study. FOCUS 1000% on your study, let all the other things drop in your life. Be happy with who you are, and constantly try to improve things as this is for your own benefit for yourself.

Take your time, make a good future plan. Strategically becoming a cop = high risk job, where you could lose your life. Looking at your strategy it involves, loans = bad, becoming a cop = bad ,as it is high risk, dropping out of school = bad, as it gives no diploma and thus no future.

What the hell where you thinking by exposing and putting yourself at unnecessary risks?

My advice is to assure yourself a safe, fruitful ,graduated life, which is achieved by working hard and focusing at your goals.

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